Thursday, 28 March 2013

McGonk Meets the Easter Bunny

In Search of the Missing 'Beag' McGonk

Beag McGonk

As you all know, my favourite little 'Beag' McGonk went missing in action a few weeks ago, completely vanishing without trace. A search party was deployed on several occasions without success and now, with the onslaught of this Siberian Spring, heavy snowfall has brought the searching to a temporary halt.
McGonks love nothing more than to explore, so we're hoping that Beag simply wandered off and forgot he was supposed to return home to Thrift Cottage. They can be very, very forgetful little creatures but they can also be very naughty, especially the diminutive micro-McGonks! Beag disappeared after a trip to Torhouse Stone Cirlce, when he was last seen heading towards Wigtown, Scotland's national book town.

Hooter McGonk
Earlier today, a little visitor arrived in the shape of Hooter McGonk,  a nosy wee character who was adamant that he go in search of his wayward cousin as soon as possible, despite the weather conditions. Much debating went on until we could debate no more and off he scampered, out into the snowy lands of Frugaldom to begin his own investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Beag. What he hopes to achieve in this weather is anyone's guess, as he's barely visible himself when wading through the chilly white carpet provided by Mother Nature. He doesn't care how high or how low he has to search, but search he will until he discovers the whereabouts of his cousin, 'Beag'.
Following the invisible Sneach
Through the snowy fields he clambered, climbing drifts and exploring icy tunnels and igloos made by the Sneach - a clan of seemingly invisible, white Mcgonks of the north who over-winter in Galloway. They're normally quite easy to spot, as we don't usually have this amount of snow, but to our human eyes these snow McGonks are undetectable during times such as these. It was amazing to watch Hooter communicating with them, chattering away, following in their footsteps. We could see their tracks, but it is impossible to spot a Sneach even on such a glorious day as today.
Climbing the tree
The Sneach McGonks led us all a merry dance, poor Hooter was exhausted by the time he got back to Thrift Cottage. First they suggested he climb as high as he could to survey the snowly landscape. Up he climbed, higher and higher, his little nose getting redder and redder. Several times he had to scuttle for cover under gnarled branches, as passing blackbirds kept mistaking his nose for a juicy red berry they'd overlooked on the Hawthorn! What a to do that would have been, losing Hooter to a scavenging blackbird!
Poor wee Hooter - he climbed as high up the tree as he could possibly go and then the mischievous Sneach McGonks closed their eyes and disappeared from sight, camouflaged to perfection against the glistening snow! Even Hooter was having trouble spotting them, but he could still hear them chattering away, calling out instructions to him and making tracks in the snow for him to follow.
From his viewpoint, far up the tree, Hooter could see so many tracks in the snow that he didn't know which to follow. The Sneach were everywhere and nowhere to be seen, but there seemed to be a great deal of trampling and stamping coming from the direction of the burn, very close to the home of the Trolls!
Carefully, Hooter picked his way back down the tree and headed towards the deep, dark, watery cave, convinced that the Sneach wouldn't lead him into danger. They may be cheeky and impish, but they certainly weren't evil or cruel.
The Trolls' Cave
The mouth of the cave looked spooky, the banks were slippery and cloaked in deep snow and there was a whispering, gurgling echo coming from deep within the tunnel.
Hooter crawled over the bridge and gingerly stuck his head inside to call out to the Trolls, asking for their help in finding his lost cousin. The echoing whisper that rushed from the cave mouth was unmistakable, audible to all around, incuding the multitude of Sneach that had surrounded the area - if the footprints were anything to go by, that is!
"Speak to the Easter Bunny!" the voices murmured, repeating the same command over and over again...

Avalanche alert!
Great commotion broke on the embankment, with a flurry of snow as the Sneach scurried to help Hooter back from the water's edge, leading him along the lane at top speed, back along the path they had previously come. It was tough going for Hooter, he was slipping and sliding all ways, trying to balance precariously between snow drifts, ruts and ridges.
Suddenly, he felt the ground move beneath him! In a panic, he became rooted to the spot, feeling the tremors rippling underfoot. He expected to feel himself plunge through chasms of icy darkness at any minute, disappearing throught the deep snow, never to be seen again.
What a predicament to be in, out on his first major search and rescue mission only to find himself in need of rescuing! That's when he suddenly realised that the Sneach Clan members were rolling about the ground like tiny snowballs, giggling and laughing uncontrollaby.
How curious!
"Look down," they yelled in glee, "look down, now!"
Peering carefully downwards, Hooter soon saw the reason for such myrth - he wasn't clinging for dear life to an icy peak waiting to be swept into  the snowy abyss by some ground-shaking avalanche...
Hooter had woken the Easter bunny, who had been sitting by the wall, like hare waiting for tortoise, enjoying a little nap before his very, very busy weekend arrived!
Shrieking with delight, Hooter slid to safety and apologised profusely to Easter Bunny. He quickly explained his predicament and told the bunny how the Sneach had led him to the Trolls and how the Trolls had sent him in search of the Easter Bunny.
To all of this, the bunny responded with one word ...
Whatever could he mean?

McGonks' Daily Blog Challenge

Getting Ready for Summer 2013

From 1st April (and this is no joke), the McGonks will be attempting to do a daily photo blog for the rest of the year. It will be based mainly around home in Elrig, Dumfries & Galloway but there will be other special locations included, some near and some far. On the whole, Clan McGonk is about keeping things as eco-friendly as possible and than means McGonks aren't gas guzzling travellers. We do make some exceptions for our high flying friends and overseas relatives, but those boats and planes are sailing and flying with or without McGonks. In fact, when you really think about it, even from a tiny base like Thrift Cottage, the world is our oyster.
Goth McGonk
We'll be 'tweeting' the links to these posts on (you can follow @McGonks) and we'll be linking them to our Facebook page. If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute your own McGonks photo updates, please get in contact. To take part in this photo-blog extravaganza you can either order a handmade McGonk from Thrift Cottage or else make your own - instructions are already on the blog. There's also a fantastic opportunity coming soon to own one of our limited edition 'Goth McGonks', available exclusively from Deathfinity.
Over the coming weekend,we will be putting together a schedule of events, missons and expeditions for our hairy wee McGonk friends and concocting some exciting adventures, games and even an Easter eggstravaganza! Subscribe to this blog, follow by email, follow on Twitter or join us on Facebook to keep up with McGonk news; all the links can be found on the website at
Back soon,

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Beag McGonk Missing in Action

Hello from the McGonks of Thrift Cottage

I'd like to begin this blog with an apology for the lengthy absence. Sadly, there have been several pieces of bad news received in Frugalom, none less so than the loss of poor little Beag McGonk.

Beag was our mini-mascot, our micro McGonk hero who was in serious training in an effort to guarantee his place on the expedition to Ben Nevis in May.

His last expedition took him rock climbing to an ancient stone circle known as Torhouse. This is the last place he was seen, when leaving the stone circle en route to investigate some nearby standing stones before supposedly heading home. Sadly, when we arrived home and rallied the troops, the ting 'Beag' was missing nd has never been seen again. We all hope that by some lucky chance, he met a new family and was able to go home with them to enjoy life some place new. We'll always he searching for him, regardless, so if you ever happen pon a small grey gonk with pink nose and feet and a little blue tartan Tam o'Shanter hat, please let us know that he is safe and well in your care.

It has taken a few weeks to recover from a rather busy (and sad) spell but we hope that now, this being the vernal equinox, will be a fine time to begin again and the first thing needing done is to make a suitable replacement Beag McGonk.

There's also news of McGonk troops being rallied for a special event in April, but more on that soon.

Until next time,
Clan McGonk.