The home of the McGonks is known as 'Thrift Cottage' in the land of Frugaldom.

We are based in a tiny clachan (wee hamlet) called Elrig, about a mile from the main road that runs along the edge of Luce Bay. The bay lies between the Rhins of Galloway and the Machars, which is where we are, with views across to the Mull of Galloway, the Isle of Man and, on a really clear day, the mountains of Ireland.

The Galloway McGonks / Clan McGonk enterprise is run by NYK Media, who also runs the Frugaldom blog, forums, websites and associated frugal living and working challenges.

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McGonks have their own frugal shop at where we'll be selling frugal, recycled, reclaimed and/or rescued items

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