Monday, 8 April 2013

Hooter McGonk Goes in Search of the Trolls!

The Trolls!

Despite the many, many times the little mini-McGonks are told not to venture off out of site, alone, the disappearance of Beag has everyone mystified. Nobody saw him go, nobody alerted anyone else as to his disappearance and nobody has seen him since he vanished from the standing stones. It was really upsetting Hooter, as he was missing his best friend, so he decided to go off in search of the missing mini-McGonk all by himself.

He knew he wasn't supposed to go near the lochs, rivers or streams on his own... but he did!

Off he went, following the edge of the long, straight burn that ran alongside the lane. The water was deeper than usual, faster flowing than usual and colder than usual. All that melting snow had to go somewhere.

After what seemed like hours, Hooter eventually came to the dark and scary twin caves, home of the Trolls. How often had he been told NEVER to talk to Trolls, NEVER to get in their way and NEVER to go near the Twin Caves? He couldn't even count that high, let alone tell how often, but Hooter wasn't to be put off in the least. With the arrival of the Goth Clan, nobody would notice him missing for a few hours.

Along the riverbank he scrambled, across the rocky bridge and then he began his precarious descent, clinging for dear life to the rocks, grasses and mosses that surrounded the entrances to the terrifying twin caves. Almost there... now Hooter was able to lean forward a little, just enough to peer inside the first cave.

An awful and hideous noise could be heard - a gurgling, hissing, growling sound, but more terrifying than that,  TWO PAIRS OF EYES were staring straight back at him! It was the most horrible site that poor little Hooter had ever seen! The memory of those bright green and red eyes, glowing from the blackness beyond the mouth of the first tunnel would haunt him forever! How he wished he had done as he was told and kept away from such dangers.

Hooter was terrified! He froze to the spot, unable to climb a single step further for fear he would fall or, worse still, be captured by the terrible trolls! But worse was to come. The trolls were pulling the moss and grasses right from beneath his feet and his safe hiding place was crumbling around him!

Hooter felt himself falling, slipping and sliding, air whooshing past him as he tumbled faster and faster, plummeting downwards and finally splashing into the icy waters below. Darkness descended and he could remember no more.

 This was not good! Beag was never going to be found at this rate and now there's a second missing McGonk that nobody at Thrift Cottage even knows has gone missing!

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