Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Enlisting the Help of the Hoolet

Widening the Search for Beag

As instructed by the Sneach, Bhreac McGonk had climbed back up the Barr Hill to the very top, so he could have another look around over the miles and miles of wide open countryside.

From this viewpoint he could see all the way to England, but he couldn't see the standing stones or stone circle of Torhouse, nor could he see Beag! He wasn't even aware that Hooter had failed to return home, so no thought was given to his plight with the Trolls from the Twin Caves!

A little higher and Bhreac reached the big angular stone known at 'Trig'. It was massive, with smooth
stone walls and an interesting metal plaque set into the side, bearing a number. After scaling to the top, the views opened out even more, but still no sign of Beag and no sign of the Hoolet, who had been sitting there previously, eating dinner.

But then Bhreac spotted something new and different and decidedly disgusting looking! In fact, he wasn't entirely sure what it was and didn't really want to guess!

This was silly, it wouldn't hurt to take a closer look and the 'thing' wasn't exactly alive.

In fact, it was most definitely dead!

Bhreac peered down at it in disgust, wondering what, on earth, it could possibly be, sitting in such a strange place, atop the 'Trig' rock. But as he looked closer, it suddenly dawned on him what it was...

Hoolet had been here for dinner and, as we all know, olws eat all sorts of weird and wonderful things at all sorts of wonderful times of day. They really are quite greedy creatures, just gulping down their food without a care, no hesitations, no wondering what's in it, just yum, yum, yum... down the throat it goes. And then afterwards, up pops a pellet, bleugh, spat out by the owl and containing all the bits and pieces that weren't supposed to have been part of the meal.

Bhreac had found an owl pellet!

On much closer inspection of the pellet, he'd become fascinated by one particularly shiny, white object and he wouldn't be satified until he'd discovered exactly what it was. Carefully, he wrapped the pellet and set off in search of the Hoolet, to find out more. And, of course, to enlist his help in searching for Beag.

It was a long, hard walk for Bhreac while carrying the huge owl pellet, but he finally spotted Hoolet snoozing on a high ledge, far above the gardens of Thrift Cottage.

Clambering up the vertical wall, he deposited the pellet at Hoolet's feet and looked expectanty for an explanation, in particular, with regards to the shiny, white object...

Hoolet began his curious tale of mystery, how he'd spotted what looked like a tasty morsel bobbing along the edge of the long straight burn by the side of the lane, and how he'd seen the glowing eyes of the creature and heard the gurgling, eery sounds in the night. His tale went on, the watching, his stealthy, silent flight overhead and, finally, his swoop to snatch whatever t was from the water's edge just after midnight!

What an exciting tale the Hoolet had to tell, but he hadn't seen Beag since their trip to 'the Doon'. Once again, he promised to spread the word far and wide so every creature within the Kingdom of Frugal would be on the look out for the missing Beag.

As for the white, shiny object? Well, that was... the tooth of a troll!

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