Monday, 20 May 2013

The Goth McGonks

The Goth McGonks

Goth McGonkLast month was a very busy month, what with one thing and another, so we can only apologise for the delay in updating you all.
First of all, we welcomed the arrival of the Goth McGonks, who came marching into Frugaldom on their way to 'Deathfinity', which lies within the lands of Lockerbie. It was a most exciting time!
Then, of course, we have the on-going search for Beag McGonk, who failed to return from his exploration of the ancient stone circle. It really does make me wonder if that strange alien landing strip
might still be in use and if poor Beag was actually abducted! I mean, from the air, you can easily see where they land, but from ground level it's almost invisible!

See what you think for yourself, courtesy of Google Maps imaging. The 'landing strip' is massive. In fact, it is many, many times the size of the nearby stone corcle and the stone circle measures about 20m across! More about Torhouse can be found here.

Hooter McGonk has been keeping very busy, spreading word of the disappearance and investigating all the other possibilities. He has been to the top of the highest trees and into the depths of the deepest forests. He has searched almost all corners of the Frugaldom Kingdom and still there is no sign of Beag!

With only four days remaining until we set off for the Scottish mountains, time is running out for Beag!

Let's hope he does eventually turn up, he is going to be so disappointed at missing his walk up Ben Nevis and his visit to Beag Cafe.

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